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Disclaimer  July 30, 2017

Harrington’s Art Fund Partners Ltd. (in formation) will be a Bermuda-based General Partner of a private offshore mini-master Limited Partnership, Harrington’s Diversified Art Fund LP, that involves investing in fine art, together with certain associated financial hedges. Within the U.S, the Limited Partnership will open only to "Qualified" investors as defined by the SEC (among other tests, an individual with a liquid net worth in excess of $1 million, or an annual net income in excess of $200,000 in the two most recent years).

The Limited Partnership is not a public offering. The securities offered are not required by law to be, and accordingly have not been, registered or qualified with, nor approved or disapproved by, the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") or any state securities regulatory authority, nor has such commission or any regulatory authority passed upon the accuracy or adequacy of the Limited Partnership's Confidential Offering Memorandum. Any representation to the contrary is a criminal offense.


The risk of investing in this product may be substantial. Prior to solicitation for such products, the delivery of an Offering Memorandum is required which explains, among other things, the principal risk factors and costs of any proposed alternative investment program, including the potential impact of fees and expenses, the "breakeven" point in dollars and the percentage return necessary to recover one's initial investment, and restrictions on redeeming or withdrawing one's initial investment.

Among other issues, you should carefully consider whether your financial condition permits you to participate in an Limited Partnership which will have limited liquidity.

Clients interested in potentially investing in Harrington's Diversified Art Fund, LP must contact Harrington’s to request an actual hard-copy Offering Memorandum of the Company's offering documents. Electronic access to this documentation in no way waives an investor's right to a hard-copy version of the Offering Memorandum.

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